The Illini Union Board is comprised of eleven different programming areas in order to provide a large variety of options for you to join in and get involved. IUB has planned thousands of events over the years, ranging from lectures and comedians to weekend concerts and cultural programs to the tradition of monthly Illinites. IUB provides real-world experience for students interested in improving their organizational skills and professional training.

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how to become a member

The Illini Union Board not only organizes fun events for the students, but the board also serves as "the voice" of the student body and advises the Illini Union Director on policies, procedures and things going on around the building. IUB voices the concerns, needs and satisfaction of Illinois students. 

As a member of the Illini Union Board, you can join one of eleven different sections. Click over to learn more about these Programming Areas. Because IUB is such a large entity responsible for organizing and planning a vast amount of activities and events, we need people on our team. So what are you waiting for? Apply now to become a member of IUB!

To apply to be a board director, click here

Member Responsibilities

  • Attend weekly meetings (set by area directors)
  • Attend monthly IUB meetings
  • Distribute marketing for IUB events 

member benefits

  • Meet and greets with guests and performers (past ones have included Adrian Grenier, Shawn Johnson and Common)
  • IUB socials and other board events
  • Pre-professional experience

faculty representation

IUB is an organization that had a dual purpose to :

  • To conduct social, cultural, educational and recreational activities and programs for all members of the university community - students, faculty, staff and alumni, and:
  • To advise the Illini Union Director on matters of policy pertaining to the operation of the Illini Union. The Illini Union director consults with the Board on major policy matters.

The Illini Union Board's leadership board consists of 13 students selected by IUB, one graduate and undergraduate representative appointed by the Illinois Student Senate and six non-student members:

  • Two, faculty member, one staff member, and one representative from the Alumni Association, the Staff Advisory Council and the Faculty-Staff Social Committee.

To learn more about the vacant Illini Union Board Faculty Position, please contact Illini Union Associate Director Laurel Reed Rosch.

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