Reservations Accepted

The Illini Union is now ACCEPTING meeting room reservations. Meeting guidelines/policies are in line with the State of Illinois Phase 4 standards.


Illini Union Online Space Request Form

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Group study spaces during covid-19

You can reserve a study/group study space at the Illini Union. These rooms are designated for students only with the purpose of a group study session or a group project related to coursework. Reserve Now


The Illini Union has a variety of rooms to hold conferences where students and academics can come together to learn about new developments in their field while forming new relationships with colleagues. 


Over the years, distinguished alumni and guests have come to address our campus community. Actors, artists, innovators, politicians, and more have inspired crowds here at the Illini Union.


The Illini Union has the space to accommodate both large and small meetings. Students, staff, faculty, and guests are all welcome to reserve a room.


Whether returning to that special place where you first met, or simply finding a centralized location to bring two families together, the Illini Union has become popular space for couples to celebrate their vows over the years. The beauty and history of the building serves as an elegant setting for your special day.


RSOs wishing to reserve space in the Illini Union should use the online space request form

To reserve space elsewhere on campus (including classrooms, Foellinger Auditorium, Campus Rec, etc), continue to submit their paper forms to the RSO office for approval: Paper Space Request Form | RSO & Registered Organizations

Other Resources for RSO event planning
RSO event planning resources
Spaces RSOs can reserve


If you have any questions while navigating the online request form, please reference our tutorial to help guide you through the process. If you still have questions after completing the tutorial, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office for further clarification.

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